ROBBIE — Tofino Photography

I had full intentions of going out tonight on a evening shoot,but after looking at the lack of clouds,I decided to cancel. I was already down where I keep my boat when this revelation hit me. “So no pictures for me today” I thought, but then you’ll never guess who dropped in to say hello,…….Robbie! […]

ROBBIE — Tofino Photography

Everyday Happiness

Everyday happiness, not to be taken for granted.

One of the most distracting things on the journey to inner peace is joy. Perhaps I should say it is the expectation that we should always be joyful. We practice acting consciously and choosing joy. By being grateful we make better decisions, have more fun in the little things and best of all we are more consistently joyful.  Unfortunately, there will be days when choosing joy is more of a challenge than others. Some days the mind resists, life throws us curve balls such as difficult situations or negative people. Those are the days to practice everyday happiness. Accept what is happening and move on. Everyone is now saying “it is what it is” these days. That simple phrase is the key to everyday happiness. By accepting a thing, a person a situation for what it is we take away its ability to control our joy. We may not be brimming with exuberance, but we have managed to say the course and not get lost in the negativity of the moment, that is key. The most important part of the phrase everyday happiness is “everyday”.  Happiness can be routine, but never mundane. It should be familiar, yet still fresh and invigorating. I remember having to schedule a meeting with a receptionist.  Her boss had been consistently wreaking havoc with her calendar. I could see that she was about to get really upset. Instead, she stopped completely, took a deep breath which she exhaled forcefully, smiled, and said to me, “You know what? It is what is.” We continued to chat happily and book my appointment.  Had she not stopped to take that breath and choose to see the situation as nothing, literally nothing, at all, I really think her whole day would have gone downhill. Instead, she had a moment of anger that she probable did not even remember when her shift ended. She had another routine day. I imagine she felt consistently good, and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Everyday happiness, not to be taken for granted.